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P-Audio Replacement Diaphragm For BM-D440/BM-D450 8 Ohm
Suitable for Mackie, Behringer, Peavey, Cerwin Vega, American Audio, Gemini and Turbosound compression drivers
Product Code: PAUDT028D8 | Brand:

£21.81 ex VAT

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P-Audio Replacement Diaphragm For BM-D440/BM-D450 8 Ohm

8 ohm official manufacturer's replacement diaphragm for a P-Audio 1" compression driver.

Voice coil 1.75" (44mm).
Outside diameter of main diaphragm body 70mm
Distance between centres of contact terminals 91mm
Overall width at widest point 109mm
Width of contact lugs 15mm

This diaphragm is suitable for P-Audio BM-D440(S), BM-D450(S). It is also the replacement for a wide range of compression drivers used by Mackie, Peavey and Behringer, amongst others. You should check compatabilty before ordering.

If you've blown your compression driver, this is the replacement part you need to make it work again - you dont have to replace the whole unit.

NOT SUITABLE FOR BM2 (or BM II) series. Only fits the original BM-D440, BM-D440S, BM-D450 and BM-D450S

    Also known to be compatible with the following drivers, however please check the dimensions above prior to purchase:
  • American Audio BMD450 B-52 MX-1515, B52 MX-1515, B-52 MX1515, B52 MX1515
  • Behringer 44P60A8 44T30D8 44P60A8 44T60C8
  • Cerwin Vega Pro Stax PSX153, PSX253
  • DAP PSR-15A
  • EAW VR51 (EAW DC10/1703-8)
  • Mackie DC10/1701-8, DC10/1801-8, Mackie SRM 450, Mackie C300Z, S215, S225, SA1521, SR1521Z, SR1522Z, Mackie HD1531
  • Mackie P/N 0008093, 0025666 Driver - Mackie 0025726
  • Mr. DJ PRO8000,
  • Gemini GX400, GX450,
  • P-Audio BM-D440, BM-D450, BM10 CXA, BM12 CXA, BM12 CXHA, BM15 CXA, BM15 CXHA, SD-44BF
  • Peavey 175T, PRO 12 (8 or 4 Ohm cabinets), PRO 15 (8 or 4 Ohm cabinets)
  • Turbosound RD111, CD111, TXD121, TXD12M, TXD151
  • Warrior Audio Prolight 400

Please double check the original matches the product images AND voice coil size before ordering

PLEASE NOTE: Mackie and other manufacturers routinely change driver specifications during manufacture of any given model of loudspeaker. As a result, more than one type of compression driver may be fitted to any given speaker model. We strongly recommend NOT sourcing your replacement compression driver based solely on the Mackie cabinet model number, but by removing the compression driver and determining the part number for that. This will then enable you to accurately select the correct replacement diaphragm for your speaker.

Detailed specifications unavailable, please EMAIL the sales office for additional information.
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